• Liposuction

    Excess fat is most commonly seen around the belly and sides.  Exercise can help reduce the waistline, however, at least some residual fat will remain.  Other areas of the body, where there are excess fat deposits, include the thighs, the "bulge" behind the bra line, and the upper arms.  The neck is also an area where excess fat can result in a "double" chin.

    Dr. Higa performs liposuction using the Vaser liposuction technology.  Traditional liposuction involves the use of a hollow tube connected to a suction machine.  The tip of the tube resembles a cheese grater.  The tube is inserted into areas of fat then, with a back and forth motion, the tip is used to tear apart the tissue which connects the fat lobules.  Fat is removed along with blood since the tip will also damage blood vessels with every pass.  Although considered the "gold standard," traditional liposuction also results in more postoperative discomfort and bruising than Vaser liposuction.  The Vaser system uses an ultrasonic wand which when inserted will loosen the fat lobules from the tissue holding them.  A hollow liposuction tube will then be inserted to remove the loosened fat from the body with less truama.  Less tissue trauma result in less bleeding and bruising.  Discomfort is also appreciably lessened.  The Vaser liposuction results compare very favorably with traditional liposuction with less down time.