• Men Are Different!

    Here at our clinic, Dr. Higa sees many male patients.  The main concern men have regarding their eyelids is - "am I going to have a 'frightened' look" and "will my surgery results look obvious to others?"  It is important to achieve an appearance that appears "refreshed," not overdone.  Men tend to want their correction to be more conservative with less emphasis on lid crease heights and eyelid position.  With that in mind, Dr. Higa feels it is important to perform only as much surgery as needed to achieve that "rested" look.  Some points:

    • Eyelid heights tend to be slightly lower in men than in women.
    • The upper lid creases are lower for men than for women.
    • The brow in men tend to be straight and horizontal.  The arch of the brow in women is curved which give it the feminine appearance.
    • Men tend to qualify for insurance coverage more often than women because they wait longer before choosing surgery.

    Come to our clinic and discuss your concerns with Dr. Higa.  He'll design a treatment plan specific to you.